Professional Velvet Photos

Velvet mule deer photographs is my specialty and passion. Summer (mid-July) and on is my favorite time of year. Mule Deer bucks generally aren't near as nervous and 'skittish' this time of year which makes for great photo opportunities in the field. I have thousands of velvet buck photos so check back often. Hope you enjoy!

Stunning Trail Cam Photos

Almost all of my trail cam photos come from 'home brew' trail cams. They are the ONLY way to go. You can get a much clearer, cleaner, and crisper photo with a good ole fashion home brew trail cam. Over the years I've tried several different styles and currently operate 3 home brew cams. Trial and error with a heavy dose of patience is the secret. :) Hope you enjoy!

Amazing Scenery Photos

Spend enough time in the outdoors and your bound to witness and view some of Gods greatest creations (scenery). There is nothing quite like photographing a evening sunset or a morning sunrise. This page displays some of my best and favorite outdoor scenic photos. Hope you enjoy!